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Concentrate or Performance Series bound, Muscletech confirm two new products for 2013

Two new supplements coming from Muscletech soon

The brand that you could call the sleeping giant of the year is Muscletech. So far we have yet to really hear anything from the company apart from their two flavors of Creacore, the new blue raspberry, and the exclusive orange fusion. The one thing you need to remember about Muscletech is that they do not usually tease products. In fact on almost every occasion they go straight from mention to release in well under a month, and with that in mind the next two months are the two to watch out for.

Straight from the mouths of Muscletech, the release of the two Creacore variants has been confirmed to be followed by two new supplements. There has been nothing mentioned about what, or when, just the fact that there are two on the way. Since the Performance Series couldn’t be more packed, we are going to guess that the items are set to arrive in the Concentrate Series. Of course we can not be certain, as they may even turn out to be standalones in an entirely new range. Either way, when Muscletech launch it tends to be either a great disappointment, or an extremely competitive innovation. No matter which way the wind blows, the two are worth looking out for.

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