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Jack3d Advanced revealed & officially launched, USP Labs least creative release for some time

USP Labs new pre-workout supplement Jack3d Advanced

USP Labs teased the launch of the new Jack3d AF a few days ago with what was expected to be some sort of detailing or build up for the supplement. As it turns out the brand were not planning on hyping this release at all, and have gone and launched the pre-workout with a full formula reveal and even an Inner Circle deal. Yesterday we uploaded the facts panel to our Facebook page and asked for some feedback on the product. It turned out that most of the people who commented shared our opinion, with the realization that USP Lab’s new Jack3d Advanced was not anywhere near as creative as the brand’s previous releases.

The pre-workout concentrate inventors sided with a combination of both rare and common ingredients. Making USP Lab’s new Jack3d is creatine monohydrate & anhydrous, arginine nitrate, pinus pinaster, CarnoSyn, yohimbe, swertia chirayita, 100mg of caffeine, and two features from Jack3d Micro, vitamin C and norcoclaurine.

Despite the initial reception of the supplement, the Inner Circle deal the brand launched the product with was too good to pass up. In fact we ourselves put down $20 for a 45 serving tub of the pre-workout in hopes that the supplement offers an experience a lot more exciting than what is on it’s label. While there are two ingredients in the formula that haven’t been widely experienced, the rest of Jack3d Advanced doesn’t seem that appealing. That being said, using the new USP Labs product will uncover the truth and hopefully prove us wrong. You can check out Jack3d Advanced’s facts panel below and be sure to weigh in the comments section or at our Facebook page.

USP Labs Jack3d Advanced facts panel
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