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Protein Rush set for relaunch in three flavors, VPX revisit their premixed protein variant

VPX Sports repackaged and reformulated Protein Rush RTD

While VPX Sport’s 10 stage protein complex Protein Rush disappears from stockists and remains on sale direct for a buy 1 get 1 deal. The brand have reformulated the ready to drink version of the supplement, and are preparing to release it.

The repackaged Protein Rush RTD is set to stay as VPX’s only premixed protein offering packing a 7 stage protein complex, similar to the previous carton packed original.

As for it’s contents compared to it’s predecessor the new Protein Rush has dropped it’s protein count by 12g sitting at 28g. But on a much brighter note significantly decreased it’s carbohydrate and fat points from 11g (6g fiber 1g sugar) and 6g (1.5g saturated), to 4g (2g fiber) and 3.5g (0.5 saturated).

Unfortunately that is not where the losses end as the premixed product will be launching with two less flavors than the original, leaving cookies & cream and banana supreme in the past, and releasing in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla dream. In regards to a launch date the new Protein Rush is a little short on details, however VPX Sports are one of the more efficient companies out there so a month or so shouldn’t be too far off.

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