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CLA & Carnitine followed by Reds & Greens, AI Sports apple cinnamon fruit and veggie powder

AI Sports new complex formula Reds & Greens

Following the release of their simple supplement CLA + L-Carnitine, from two months ago. AI Sports have jumped straight back into the complex side of things with their latest innovation Reds & Greens. As the title so subtly describes the product is a combination of both fruits and vegetables. Giving AI fans and fitness enthusiasts a supplement that can deliver all their necessary nutrients in an apple cinnamon flavored powder. Each serving of the new Reds & Greens weighs in at 6g, with around 29 different ingredients using features like cauliflower, broccoli, grapefruit, and papaya powder. Unlike other companies out there, AI Sports have decided to make their latest product available from the day of it’s unveiling. Which is why right now Reds & Greens is purchasable from the brand’s official website for $34.99. Unfortunately due to the supplement being so new to the market, it is uncertain as to whether or not that is a high price for the supplement.That being said, it’s actually not too much of an ask for a full month’s supply of an unreleased product.

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