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Review of the stimulantless fat burner Banish, the metabolic enhancer by American Muscle

Review of American Muscle's stimulantless Banish

American Muscle make a number of supplements that are slowly making their way on to the market. Among their ranged line up are a couple of weight loss formulas, Exile, the upcoming powdered product Maintain, and the item we recently put to the test Banish. It’s subtitle reads ‘metabolic enhancer’, which after our month’s run has proven to result in a strong effect on the scales. The supplement isn’t your average fat burner with thermogenic and energy effects. Banish works a more subtle level, hence why we needed to measure it’s performance outside of just the usual experience.

Based on Banish’s ingredients it was quite obvious the power of the product was more internal than American Muscle’s other weight loss formulas Exile and Maintain. That being said, the supplement isn’t without it’s noticeable changes. Due to it’s metabolic ability you will find that the body processes food a bit more effectively, and moves it into a much cleaner feel good state after the first week on the fat burner. Outside of that Banish does not offer anything more on an obvious level. It does however complete it’s work with the results in the weight department. Like most other stimulantless products in it’s category, Banish has that almost instant slimming effect and helps amplify the efforts you put in. Work extra hard on your diet, it’s benefits will multiply. Invest in some more cardio, and you’ll receive more again.

With that in mind, on an unchanged strength program and diet, our user saw a drop of 2lbs in the first week, then on to a total of 4lbs across the bottle’s full three week supply. As for it’s results on a weight loss program that initial 2lbs moved to about 3lbs, with a slightly stronger finish at 6 to 7lbs. Numbers aside, we can confirm that American Muscle’s Banish does work. Not only that, it does so under the radar and without stimulants. Making it one of the few formulas that fits perfectly into a weight loss stack and can work alongside and help amplify the results of a more powerful stimulant based product.

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