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Full 11 part Sma5h formula revealed, Axis Labs confirm sometime in September

Full list of ingredient from Axis Labs new pre-workout Sma5h

Over the weeks since Axis Lab’s confirmed the coming of their new pre-workout supplement Sma5h. The brand have been posting articles and starting conversations relating to a number of ingredients. At first it just seemed to be your general conversation starters, up until they started asking fans what they thought of these features combined together in a complex. As it turns out, now that the facts panel of the upcoming product has been uploaded, we can confirm that our suspicions were spot on, with everything Axis mentioning being a part of Sma5h. The full list of ingredients is made up of 11 pieces, creatine HCL, CarnoSyn, acetyl l-carnitine HCL, caffeine, l-phenylethylamine, n-acetyl-l-tyronine, n-methyltyramine HCL, l-glycine, and two odd joint support additions, glucosamine and chondroitin. As for flavor options, despite being previously previewed in only one flavor, Axis Labs will be releasing Sma5h in two flavors, glacier punch and watermelon. The last piece of information is the launch date of the supplement, which the brand have vaguely set as sometime in September.

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