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The Pac joins the Box and the Box LG, Fitmark show off their meal management creativity

Fitmark confirm another new product for their meal management line

The announcement may have come only a week ago. But Fitmark have already revealed three new products from their upcoming meal management line. Along with the first mention of their entry into the market was an item named the Box, as well as an image of the innovation that we are going to assume is a three pack meal bag. A few days later they previewed another product titled the Box LG, something we figured as the five pack meal option. On both occasions it was said Fitmark were planning on launching a number of designs, hoping to hit home with more than just one lifestyle and one audience. This week’s upload confirms those intentions and comes as the brand’s third unveiling with a meal management bag called the Pac. Nothing much can be seen from the small image Fitmark released, however the tiny glimpse given shows the exact diversity we were talking about. Innovation and creativity being brought into a game that was started with that very quality in mind, is only going to create great competition. Hopefully in the end we get a range of suitable solutions for all types of people and enthusiasts.

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