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Super thermogenic confirmed as Level II, Formutech sampling at this weekend’s Europa

Formutech Nutrition Level II super thermogenic powder

Formutech Nutrition previously teased a new weight loss supplement to be produced in powder form, outside of the Australian exclusive Lean EFX Refined powder. The last time it was mentioned the brand referred to it as a Super Thermogenic, and asked that fans suggest names for the new fat burning product. After a little over a month Formutech have now come back with a title for the supplement, Level II. Unfortunately despite having the official name pictured and confirmed, there have been no ingredients announced for the supplement. The only pieces are information we have are the ones we were given from Level II’s initial preview, grape flavored, 50 servings per tub, and three highlights, no crash, no jitters, and no appetite. Even though the details are a little slim at the moment, more should be surfacing in the next few days. As Formutech Nutrition will be giving away samples of the new weight loss formula this weekend at the Europa in Dallas.

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