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Metabolic Bioshock pre-workout revealed, Giant coming to the market heavy and hard

Giant Sports announce their new pre-workout Metabolic Bioshock

Back in May Giant Sports confirmed that they had an unconcentrated pre-workout supplement in the works that should surface later in the year. At the time we assumed it was going to be November December, however their latest image suggests otherwise. Recently uploaded by the brand

was a picture of the new product with it’s title covered, which we presume says Metabolic Bioshock underneath. Despite not having any ingredients to go off the name and serving size does say quite a lot.

Based on the use of the word Metabolic, Giant’s pre-workout will either be a thermogenic driven energizer or at least feature some fat burning ingredients. As for the rest of the formula, we are going to say there will be plenty to get you going. Looking at it’s overall tub weight of 800g made up by 40 servings. The brand will be delivering their exciting experience in a massive 20g scoop, and with that 40 servings per bottle. There is a good chance two scoops will be required to reach Bioshock’s maximum amount, giving the supplement plenty of space with 40g to squeeze it’s pre-workout power in.

The only thing we have left to say is bring on Metabolic Bioshock, as if it is anything like Giant Sport’s Delicious Protein or the weight loss supplement Dexamine. The pre-workout competition has got yet another big entry for 2013.

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