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Thermo Detonator now available in pop packs, Grenade design for weight loss fans on the go

Grenade's new 12 x 4 pop pack Thermo Detonator box

After a great start to the year with Protein Flapjacks, the complex creatine Engage, AT4 Anabolic Devastation, and the uniquely packaged multi-vitamin Ration Pack. Grenade followed up on their spree of releases with a 44 capsule variant of their first supplement, Thermo Detonator.

Today’s update sees the UK brand going back once again to their number 1 weight loss product with yet another new size.

For those on the go, traveling, or looking for some extra convenience, Grenade have produced pop pack boxes of their famous fat burner. The 12 x 4 pill carton has been created using the international version of the product and provides enough capsules to last you a full month on the maximum dose. Fans located in the UK and Europe can expect to see these popping up in Grenade stockists shortly, if not already.

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