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Dagger transforms into Dagger HP for 2013, Infinite Labs reformulate their pre-workout

Infinite Labs reformulate their pre-workout Dagger into Dagger HP

For 2013 Infinite Labs have brought with them a number of new things, reformulations, a complete packaging overhaul, and their upcoming spin off line backed by their latest athlete Dexter Jackson. Of those areas the most recent effort from the brand sees them going into the new formula arena, with an updated version of their testosterone boosting pre-workout Dagger. The unique little innovation has received more than a handful of modifications going from a well ranged creatine, energizing, and muscle building supplement. To basically a lesser ranged pre-workout, with a 3g shot of d-aspartic-acid. Making up the rest of what has been called Dagger HP is caffeine, l-carnitine l-tartrate, agmatine sulfate, calcium d-glucarate, and vitex agnus-castus fruit extract. It’s not hard to see that the product is going to perform very differently compared to the original. Either way fans will be happy to hear one of the previous version’s two flavors has been carried over in black cherry, with the other spot on Dagger’s menu being taken up by the new orange.

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