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Introducing the up and coming Gear Nutrition, new company set to make it big at the Olympia

Introducing the Olympia bound supplement company Gear Nutrition

Of all the supplement companies looking to make it big this year, one of the ones that stands out from the crowd is Gear Nutrition. The brand has come into 2013 aiming to make an impact at the Olympia Expo in about four weeks time, with the launch of their new Shock Series. As with most releases before they land, there isn’t that much information available other than the three product titles from the line, and a featured ingredient. The supplements set to come from Gear are G-Shock the pre-workout, E-Shock the endurance formula, and Maxx Shock the post-workout. The exclusive ingredient due to appear in all of the Shock products is a trademarked complex called Beet Drive, which according to Gear Nutrition is said to redefine nitric oxide.

Despite the brand being relatively new to the game, they have got more than enough supplements lined up for after their Shock Series launch. The other items set to arrive are Gear Pro and Gear Pro Night Formula, ThermoG, Beet Drive, Maxx-T, Lipirestorm Maxx, and Speed 2 Gro. Based on the names Gear appear to have most areas covered with all the essentials, protein, weight loss, energy, and muscle building. To add even more fuel for the brand, they have already uploaded a number of images of merchandise listing Gear Nutrition hats, a tee, singlet, and various necklaces. To find out more on the up and coming company check out their website, and be sure to look out for our post on them when all is revealed at the Olympia.

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