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Pre-workout Speed X3 used and reviewed, Lecheek flagship supplement put to the test

Review of Lecheek Nutrition's pre-workout Speed X3

The pre-workout formula Speed X3 is Lecheek Nutrition’s flagship supplement. The product has been around for sometime and was recently introduced to Pump X3, Speed’s pump powered brother. Time served and new releases aside, the topic of today is the experience review of the mainstream formula Speed X3. We finally decided to invest in an exotic fruit flavored tub of the stuff and see how it compares to some of today’s top competitors. Despite not having the most exciting looking facts panels, we had heard far too many good things to not give the pre-workout a fair trial. Two weeks later and 30 servings down, we are pleased to present you the positive review of Lecheek’s energizing innovation.

While we can all draw judgements from a facts panel, we did not see Speed X3 performing as well as it did. It’s unique mix of beta alanine, synephrine, methyl-l-tyramine, agmatine sulfate, caffeine, yohimbine, pikatropin, r-beta-methylphenylethylamine, and rauwolfia has turned out to be enough to make the product one we would recommend.

As far as highlights and effects go, we have to put Lecheek Nutrition’s pre-workout in the energy and intensity department. The supplement performs at a level similar to the likes of the original Hemo Rage, Driven Sport’s controversial Craze, and along the same lines as the recent hit Turbo from Pure Labs. Like with most high powered formulas when Speed kicks in, it kicks in. You will find that it’s not just your energy levels that receive a sudden burst of fulfillment, or your intensifying drive, but an overall mood enhancement that in an odd yet beautiful way, alters your focus and turns you into a workout machine.

It isn’t the best performer for maximum strength or low amounts of reps. It does however put you in a place that feels both extraordinary and comfortable. Rep after rep, set after set, Speed X3 brilliantly ignites the muscles as well as the desire to go beyond your limits. There isn’t much of a pump effect to it, although the highlights of the impressive product with it’s incredible amount of energy, and non-stop intensity, will help you forget about the need for an amplified pump just as it did with us.

When it comes to dosing the supplement, if you do choose to give it a go be sure to actually gauge it. No doubt a lot of people overlook the tolerance directions, which is exactly what we did. But once Speed users lowered and/or raised their individual serving requirements, the experiences were a whole lot more positive. Some found they received the full power of the formula on it’s maximum of three scoops, while others discovered that they only needed one and half to feel the equivalent. Something like this is of course the case with most pre-workouts. It’s just that this time round we saw so much variation in results and effects compared to others, we figured it needed a mention. Especially as it appeared to be a very important factor for Speed X3.

All up Lecheek’s well respected product has every right to be regarded as one of the best. Speed’s rare combination of no holds barred energy, intensity, and it’s much welcomed mind aligning. Makes it one of the rare supplements out there that delivers more than it promises. If you are looking for something new maybe for a month, possibly a one off experience, or even just a well priced pre-workout. Lecheek Nutrition’s animalizing Speed X3 might be one to add to this round’s shopping list.

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