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Pure PF3 looking ready with a mixability video, MAN Sports innovation nothing like Bio-Gro

Few more details on MAN Sports Pure PF3

MAN Sports have stirred up quite the hype with their new supplement Pure PF3. As per it’s description the unique formulation is expected to replace your clumpy protein with a much more concentrated powder. Due to the fact that the mini website

and product image are the only two things we have to go off. There is nothing more that can be said about the supplement outside of it’s short protein replacement summary.

That being said there is one question that has become rather popular, and one we asked ourselves. Is Pure PF3 based similar to Bio-Gro? Whether you are a lover or a hater of the self proclaimed game changer, the word is that MAN’s Pure PF3 is very different from iSatori’s Bio-Gro. Aside from the direct answer we received, and zero reveal of it’s contents, the instructions themselves prove a point of difference. As advertised Pure PF3 is a whole protein replacement, unlike iSatori’s innovation which directs you to use it in conjunction with other products including a protein powder.

If today’s little fact wasn’t enough to satisfy you, the brand have also uploaded a short video covering the mixability of the upcoming Pure PF3. It’s not exactly detailed or well put together, but it’s better than nothing, and the right amount to keep the supplement relevant.

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