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New 8lb Gold Standard available in two flavors, Optimum stretch their protein to six sizes

New 8lb bag of Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey Gold Standard

Last year during the Olympia weekend Optimum Nutrition announced a unique tub size for their 100% Whey Gold Standard with the 3.3lb, or 45/48 serving. The variant launched with, and still is only available in three flavors, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon graham cracker, and strawberry milkshake. A far cry from the menu sizes of the tub volumes either side of it, 2 and 5lb. Moving forward a year to 2013 Optimum have made another addition to their sizes offered for Gold Standard with a new 8lb bag. The 119/123 serving protein has started showing up in stockists, and like the 3.3lb it has a small selection of flavors with only two, double rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It’s hard to see more than a couple of reasons behind the second unique size from Optimum Nutrition. With the 8lb and it’s 85 to $90 price tag really only adding more variety to Gold Standard, and opening itself up to those looking to spend under $100 on a protein powder.

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