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Cheap I-Focus sample packs available direct, Pro Supps custom women’s swimsuit pictured

Pro Supps I-Focus samples available and swimsuit pictured

Pro Supps have kept fans waiting for almost two months now with the announcement of the focal agonist I-Focus dating back to mid June. While the news of today is unfortunately not the official release of the supplement, the brand have confirmed an expected launch time for the formula. It may not be a set date, but Pro Supps have said I-Focus is scheduled to land in two weeks. For the time being the company have dropped two things that should hopefully hold fans over. The first is the direct availability of samples of the new product with three options to choose from, $4.99 for 3 samples, $9.99 for 6, or $14.99 for 9 and a free tee. The second update from the brand is the preview of their unconfirmed ladies swimsuit. Unlike I-Focus, no details have been revealed for the unreleased PS Swag item, apart from the image and the fact Pro Supps would be the first supplement company to make something like what has been pictured, consistently available.

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