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Reformulated Hyde and NO3 Drive on the way, Pro Supps start teasing leading into the Olympia

Pro Supps confirm Hyde V2 and NO3 Drive

With every brand bringing out teasers of supplements they are planning on releasing sometime soon, or around the time of the Olympia Expo. The latest company to join the trend is the fast growing brand, Pro Supps. Not only have they already confirmed an update to their pre-workout Hyde, retitling the formula Hyde V2. But they have also previewed a completely new product called NO3 Drive. Other than what can be seen on the uploaded image which details the supplement’s purpose, ‘nitric oxide amplifier’, and it’s 90 capsule bottle size, most likely leading to a 3 capsule serving size. Pro Supps have given a short description of NO3 that basically when shortened, confirms the formula as some sort of pre-workout pill. The brand are usually pretty good when it comes to launches, so expect to see more details on this one soon. Especially considering it’s set to release sometime next month.

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