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Review of all three new Creacore flavors, Muscletech more than deliver on sour apple

Review of Muscletech's new Creacore flavors

Coming from a brand who announces and releases products within the span of about a month. Muscletech recently launched three new flavors for their dominating creatine HCL supplement, Creacore. The formula previously carried just the one option with lemon lime, which has now been joined in most retailers by blue raspberry, orange fusion, and the exclusive sour apple. After the successful release of the variants Muscletech were kind enough to pass on samples of the new flavors, and considering we had already used the creatine product proving it’s power was on par with other HCL supplements. Our review here today is of something we only usually do on protein powders and that is taste test.

Compared to the original option lemon lime, which despite having a new and improved flavoring is still the worst of the bunch, the fruity trio do a lot more than just better lemon lime. The bitter after taste that all creatine HCL formulas we’ve tried has, appears to be somewhat masked by Muscletech’s new variants. In fact the brand have actually managed to tone the bitterness down with mixtures that almost remove the unfortunate feeling completely.

Moving onto the individual tastes of each product first up is orange fusion. It was definitely the one we looked forward to the most, however it is in fact the plainest one of the group and the least attractive. The fresh and fruity taste is no doubt present, it’s just not in an amount that we’d expect coming from something with a name like orange fusion. Second up is blue raspberry, and while a lot of other supplements using that same flavor have both promoted and tarnished the reputation of the taste. Muscletech’s Creacore is one of the few that nails the blue raspberry flavor. It is always quite difficult to really describe the taste of the overused option. Although we’re going to say it borders a lot more on the raspberry side than the various blue angles most brands seem to take.

The last one on the list is Creacore sour apple, and for those who are interested in the variant for it’s sour side, you will fortunately be disappointed. Just as the title of the flavor is colored, a much better name for the taste would be green apple. Muscletech have actually put together the flavor so well you can in fact put the name green apple to it, as opposed to regular apple. As we mentioned earlier about the bitter after taste, with the other sweet options doing a great job at almost masking it completely. The awesome taste of sour apple removes it altogether turning it into more of a shot of fruit juice.

To summarize the trio, they are easily all better than the original lemon lime, even the new and improved lemon lime. They deliver on their names with sour apple leading the group, blue raspberry doing a great job at a tricky flavor, and orange fusion at the back lacking a bit with it’s fruity side. To get a hold of any of the new variants be sure to check your local stockist, except for the lesser of the bunch orange, which is exclusive to

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