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Fat burner Beta-Stim 7 highlights confirmed, Ronnie polishing off his thermogenic igniter

Ronnie Coleman's Signature Series Beta-Stim previewed

So far Ronnie has confirmed three new supplements headed our way for his Signature this year with Amino Tone, King Mass, and the one we’ve seen the most of, Beta-Stim. The weight loss formula was first seen when the eight time Mr. Olympia uploaded an image of sample bottles of the fat burner. The second update saw the brand confirming five major ingredients for the product in iFAS503, Nelulean, acacia rigidula, adhatoda vasica, and huperzine. With two big steps already completed, Ronnie’s latest mention of Beta-Stim sees the supplement basically at the finish line, all polished up and ready to go. While nothing more has been revealed from the update in regards to it’s contents, the weight loss product’s third new banner does hint at the formula having a rather ranged list of ingredients. Highlighting seven features, oxidation, thermogenesis, mood enhancement, diuretic effects, appetite control, metabolism, and energy. The only thing we’re left waiting on now is the launch of the supplement, which has still yet to be announced, although we’re putting our money on pre-Olympia.

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