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Tiger Fitness launch the new Nitrate Assault, Muscle Pharm head into battle with Scivation

Tiger Fitness launch Muscle Pharm's new Nitrate Assault

The second pre-workout battle that has emerged for 2013 is between Scivation’s Psycho and Muscle Pharm’s Nitrate Assault. Both supplements have surfaced at the same time with both brand’s doing their best to get the formulas to retailers. While Scivation launched direct and then through Muscle & Strength, the more popular Muscle Pharm launched through, and now the rather popular Tiger Fitness. The retailer is currently stocking the newly formulated Assault for $29.99. The downside to getting it from Tiger Fitness is that they are only selling the 30 serving tub, and are one flavor short of’s menu, missing pineapple mango. On the upside the store have a special stack combining the new Assault, Combat, Armor-V, Fish Oil, Z-Core PM, and The Athlete’s Company tee for $123.99, which based on the values from Tiger Fitness, basically sees you getting the pre-workout for free. If you are keen on the Muscle Pharm stack be sure to act quickly as the retailer are unfortunately listing it as limited edition.

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