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Review of the original concentrate’s sequel, USP Labs Jack3d Advanced put to the test

Review of USP Labs pre-workout Jack3d Advanced

USP Labs answer to the disappearance of their original pre-workout concentrate Jack3d, was the eagerly awaited sequel Jack3d Advanced (not micro). The supplement popped up out of nowhere, with the brand announcing it, and then pretty much releasing it the following week. Making it seem like the product was somewhat of a rushed job. Despite it’s surprising beginnings Advanced appeared, and did so with a formula that was not exactly well received. That being said, USP is never a brand to count out. So we decided to put our feelings aside, and purchase a bottle of the pre-workout to give it a go.

As always our reviews are based on what the supplement does performance wise. Good or bad contents, every product is trialled the same way and it’s results detailed. In the case of Jack3d Advanced, we did not expect much, and after using the supplement we can confirm that USP Labs energizing complex does live up to those expectations.

While the new formula in no way compares to the level of the original, it does manage to deliver an experience. Unlike some of the more powerful pre-workouts on the market, Advanced does not spread itself into an all round ride. Instead it hits two major areas, energy and focus. First up is the product’s moderate amount of energy, which kicks in at the usual 10 to 20 minute mark after downing the drink. It doesn’t come on quickly, it is more like a 5 minute process where the body starts to heat up, the muscles begin to react better, and then the second scorer for us focus, chimes in. As we said earlier, Jack3d Advanced does not really compare to the original breakout supplement. It’s mental manipulation on the other hand does come pretty close to that of the tunnel vision property from the DMAA Jack3d. If we had to describe it, it’s not quite tunnel vision, the effect basically puts your head in the right place. As an added bonus it also compliments the energy enhancement rather well, with both highlights having the same average level of stimulation.

Despite our initial expectations and underwhelming experience, USP Labs did do a relatively good job on Jack3d Advanced, as it is effective to some extent. It may not have lived up to the first half of it’s name, but the bar was set so high by it’s predecessor, the brand were never going to be able keep fans happy. While we do appreciate USP and what they did with Jack3d right from the beginning. It’s unfortunate to see the original pre-workout concentrate replaced by something so mediocre and damaging to the Jack3d name.

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