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Exile and Banish now available at GNC online, American Muscle confirm another new product

American Muscle confirma new supplement and their GNC presence

American Muscle have been building a reputation for their unique lineup of supplements, right from the moment we spotted them earlier in the year. The brand have continued to drop updates with the launch of their Restore quadrilogy, the Premium protein series, and the confirmation of two unreleased products, Maintain and Oceanfuel. The latest bit of news coming from the brand brings two pieces of information to light. Firstly, both of American Muscle’s weight loss supplements Exile and the well reviewed Banish, can now be found online at GNC. The second and more exciting item on the agenda is that there is another new product coming down the pipeline. At the moment American Muscle are not saying anything in regards to a name or even the formula’s category. However with really no area left untouched by the brand, you can’t help but wonder where they are headed next.

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