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Hypertest and Xtract rebranded to suit Sma5h, Axis Labs come to life with new color theme

Axis Labs confirm Xtract, Hypertest and CLA with their rebranding

As many fans would have already noticed, along with the arrival of Axis Lab’s new pre-workout supplement Sma5h, came a completely new packaging theme. In fact the colors and design of the product’s updated label were so different

it could have almost been passed off as someone else’s supplement. Despite the massive shift in appearance, one of the major things that comes with a rebranding is a line clean out. Something that can not be seen in Axis at this stage in the game as it is a bit too early to tell. Although we can confirm that the brand have carried over both Xtract and HyperTest with seemingly no change to their contents. As well as the new product we already got a glimpse of, the individual weight loss aid CLA. Unfortunately the story does end there, leaving 14 of the brand’s other supplements unsure as to whether or not they will be getting the orange and white upgrade.

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