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Five products previewed from Blade Nutrition, Dexter Jackson not ready for the Olympia Expo

Dexter Jackson puts his Infinite Labs supplement series on hold

Back in July news broke on Dexter Jackson’s entry into the supplement market with his very own brand called Blade Nutrition. The series is a result of a deal the 2008 Mr. Olympia made with his veteran sponsor Infinite Labs. During the initial announcement the Blade made mention of six categories his line was going to compete in, as well as his intended launch date of this year’s Olympia Expo. Unfortunately it has turned out that the product range will not be ready in time for the big event. However to help us all deal with the bad news, Jackson has cushioned the blow with a preview of five of his upcoming supplements.

Thanks to the extra large image uploaded by Blade Nutrition, it is clear the brand have sided with relatively straightforward names with Pro Meal the protein formula, Pre-Workout, Fat Burner, Recovery, and Test Booster. It also seems that Dexter Jackson plans on being around for some time, with all his products carrying the suffix 1.0, hinting at future and frequent upgrades. For now that is all we have on the Infinite spin off, or at least until the Olympia. As despite the supplements not being ready, Jackson has promised some kind of booth for the Expo. Where fans can get gear, samples, and handouts, hopefully giving us a little more insight into the Blade series.

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