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Powdered Super-HD released in two flavors, Cellucor bring their March mention back to life

Cellucor officially release their new flavored Super-HD form

Back in March, after the Arnold Classic, Cellucor confirmed an alternate form of their weight loss supplement Super-HD. Since then nothing much has been said, leading us to believe it was a lost cause, or at the least put on the back burner. As it turns out the brand have in fact been working on it, and without any sort of hype or build up. Cellucor have officially launched their flavored HD, making the new fat burning variant available for purchase direct. At the time of it’s first mention, the brand confirmed three options for the product’s menu, classic fruit punch, peach mango, and strawberry lemonade. Of which all have surfaced except for the more common one of the three, fruit punch. The new powdered edition joins Super-HD’s other two sizes, 60 and 120 capsules. With a 30 serving tub that is more than likely packing the same amount of contents in scoop, as two pills from the regular HD. Unfortunately so far no stockist has appeared with the new weight loss form. Leaving those die hard Cellucor fans with the only option to shop direct, if they want to try the brand’s latest release.

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