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Concentrated superfoods formula Spinach Flex, Fusion goes green after new Purple Reps flavor

Fusion Bodybuilding's new superfoods supplement Spinach Flex

Only days after they announced the coming of another flavor for the caffeine free pre-workout supplement, Purple K Reps. Fusion Bodybuilding have come out with yet another update by way of a new product, Spinach Flex. Unfortunately the unreleased supplement has come to light with the same amount of details as the Purple K Rep’s news, with no information available outside of it’s promotional image. Which in the case of Spinach Flex only gives us it’s name, and intended category of the greens department. Due to the small amount of facts we are just going to leave the update there. But will mention Fusion’s current launch status for the product of ‘coming soon’. That based on the original release time frame of Purple K Reps, could see the new Spinach Flex hit shelves in as little as three weeks.

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