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Vita-C and Vita-D3 to be the first entries in Fusion’s new Foundation Series

fusion vita c and vita d3

Canadian brand Fusion has announced two new supplements that we saw a lot of companies reveal and release over the past few months, although Fusion’s efforts look to be the start of an entire line. The brand has introduced the vitamin c-based tablet product Vita-C with half a gram of the powerful antioxidant per tablet, and Vita-D3 featuring 1,000iu of its title ingredient vitamin d, per tablet.

Both of Fusion’s single-ingredient supplements fall under what it’s calling the ‘Foundation Series’. Judging by Vita-C and Vita-D3, we suspect the line is an essential type collection, made up of basic products. A simple series is something we’ve seen from a lot of brands; in fact, Redcon1 recently dropped one with its Basic Training Series, which also started with just a vitamin c supplement.

Fusion has not made either of its Foundation Series products available yet, although it’s saying when it does, it’ll be giving away Vita-C and Vita-D3 as freebies in select orders through its website.

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