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Game Day gets it’s first of two flavors, MAN show some creativity with new tigers blood

MAN Sports confirm new Game Day flavor tigers blood

Like with every successful pre-workout supplement, or any supplement for that matter. MAN Sports announced the coming of two new flavors to their hit energizer Game Day, back in July. At the time of the news the brand were not interested in leaking information in regards to what the two tastes would be. However today we can now confirm one of the variants set to hit MAN stockists. Joining the current options of blue bomb-sicle and classic fruit punch, is a flavor we saw from Black Market Labs not too long ago, tigers blood. The option has been officially confirmed by the brand, with it expected to be available in retailers very soon. Unfortunately just the one has been named, with no word or hint as to what the second one will be. We will say however going off of the growing success of Pure PF3 and Game Day’s original two tastes. MAN Sports are likely to deliver with both tigers blood and whatever else they have planned.

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