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Lipo-6 Movement more than just a website, Nutrex shift almost every supplement around

Nutrex rope all their supplement lines into one big happy family

After the release of Lipo-6 CLA and Carnitine from Nutrex, more and more new things started appearing from the brand. The first tip was when their fat burning formula Lipo-6 was spotted wearing an alternate white and red theme, which was then followed by the disappearance of most of Nutex’s silver and blue products. As it turns out the brand have actually got more than just a handful of changes for their range. With a fresh new website bringing more updates than you’ve probably seen from them in the past six months. While the repackaged Lipo-6 is among that list of changes from Nutrex, the company’s complete recategorizing is where all the news has stemmed from.

Thanks to the online refreshment it can now be confirmed that the Lipo-6 remodeling is a part of the brand’s new Basix Series. A collection currently holding the two individuals Carnitine and CLA, and the recently transferred Lipo-6X. The white and red line is only one of three Nutrex have created, with their second one being the Unlimited Series. Which was previously only populated by Lipo-6 Unlimited, but now comforted by a reformulated Vitrix. The third category of the company, is the already existent Black Series, one that up until now housed a strong selection of 10 products. That have all been joined by two more supplements, both from Nutrex’s discontinued silver and blue range, Niox and Anabol-5.

As mentioned earlier the many updates have come down the line along side the brand’s upgraded website. Which not only brings every one of the company’s supplements closer together. But gives fans of the multifaceted brand a better overall look at what Nutrex have to offer. The category modification also lays out the company’s range in a way that makes it more than obvious as to where they can improve, and what they are missing. To find out more and catch up on all the changes, visit the recently refreshed website for yourself, and see how Nutrex have brought everything together.

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