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Mr. Hyde renamed Hyde for reformulation, Pro Supps producing trial tubs of their original

Pro Supps produce trial size versions of their pre-workout Mr. Hyde

Pro Supps already confirmed an update for their pre-workout supplement Mr. Hyde, which appears to be going under the name Hyde, dropping the prefix Mr. On top of the reformulation it turns out the brand are still interested in giving back

to their original with the introduction of trial size 20 serving tubs.

The miniature 123g bottles are available in four of the six flavors the larger 246g version has, with punch, guava, blue razz, and watermelon. In regards to the availability of the tubs, you will need to go hunting for the variant as only select retailers are stocking it. As well as Pro Supps direct, that is if you’re willing to pay $35.99 for a half size Mr. Hyde.

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