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Titanium Whey followed by Titanium Isolate, SAN release another protein powder for 2013

SAN Nutrition Titanium Isolate Supreme 5.0

Despite having already released a spree of supplements earlier in year, SAN Nutrition are looking to get back into the game with yet another new formula by the name of Titanium Isolate Supreme 5.0. If you are wondering why that title sounds so familiar, you can blame SAN’s other 2013 product 100% Titanium Whey. Naming conventions aside, the brand’s latest innovation is an isolate protein powder delivering 27g of hydrolyzed isolate, half a gram of carbs, zero fat, zero sugar, and a total of 110 calories. Fortunately SAN Nutrition are not looking to sell anyone short, with Titanium Isolate being produced in one cost effective 5lb size, packing 75 servings. As for the hydrolyzed formula’s menu, it has come in with a strong list of three gourmet sounding flavors, delicious milk chocolate, strawberry yoghurt, and vanilla sundae. Lastly, while the supplement does seem to have everyone of it’s details revealed, it’s price still remains a mystery. We will however take a guess at Titanium Isolate Supreme’s cost with $65, ten bucks more than the average price of Titanium Whey.

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