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Stack3d @ the 2013 Olympia Expo, 4 Dimension Nutrition confirm Garcinia Cambogia

Stack3d at the Olympia with 4D Nutrition

4 Dimension Nutrition, the company behind the cost effective protein solution Whey Phase. Have positioned themselves right at the entrance of the Olympia Expo. Their circular booth features most of their current formulas, with two new things worth mentioning. First off it does appear that the brand are looking to repackage if not a fair amount of their line, then at least their Creatine and Glutamine. As the two essentials have been spotted sporting an alternate theme, with white tubs and blue lids. The second update is in regards to a fresh new individual supplement driven by garcinia cambogia. Unfortunately nothing more was said about the product other than it’s ingredient based title. Although, the 4D representative we spoke with did hint at the item being one of many individuals currently in the works.

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