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Stack3d @ the 2013 Olympia Expo, still no sign of the new Carnivor flavor from MuscleMeds

Stack3d @ the 2013 olympia expo musclemeds

The Kai Greene sponsoring supplement brand MuscleMeds, are at the Olympia Expo once again with their all in red team right across the road from their parent company. Every product from their range is on display with their pump powered pre-workout formula N.O. Bull, Carnivor Beef Aminos, Decanate supplements, and everything in between. As with everyone else here, MuscleMeds are sampling their products which does include their beef protein powder Carnivor. Fortunately for those loyal fans of the brand who may have been expecting the highly anticipated fifth flavor of Carnivor to debut at the show. It seems the upcoming variant is still being worked on with no sign of the new taste.

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