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Stack3d @ the 2013 Olympia Expo, new Ronnie Coleman Signature Series products launched

Stack3d at the Olympia with Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Ronnie Coleman is more than present at this year’s Olympia Expo, with not just a spot in the north hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. But with his mobile home, supplements, giveaways, and clothing, creating one of the biggest lines at the event. Despite already adding to their product range with a spree of supplements which includes Amino-Tone, King Mass, Beta-Stim, and the reformulated pre-workout Myo-Blitz XS. The Signature Series team were able to confirm a slight change to their recovery complex Resurrect PM, with an alternate flavoring system and contents edit by swapping GABA for GABA and phenibut. On top of the minor modifications to one of our favorite products, the brand have also debuted two of their previously previewed tees. Hinting at the beginning of what appears to be a seriously stylish clothing line with hopefully more on the way.

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