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Australian exclusive 65 scoop OxyElite Powder, USP Labs bring their bonus fat burner to the US

USP Labs 65 scoop OxyElite Powder now in America

Earlier in the year USP Labs entered the fat burning market in Australia with an international version of their weight loss powder OxyElite. The supplement had more than enough changes to it to make a noticeable difference. However fans in the region were pleased to hear that the brand attempted to make up for the loss of quality contents, by giving the modified edition an extra five servings. While the exclusive size may have been the silver lining at the time, it turns out USP Labs have brought over the 65 scoop variant to the American market. Fortunately for followers in the U.S. the almost 10% extra tub has got the original ingredients, not the international formula the marginally larger bottle had forced on it. As it stands today the only stockist with the upsized product is GNC in one flavor fruit punch, although that is not to say others have it on the way.

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