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Modified PreSurge spreading internationally, AEN pre-workout edited for a larger audience

Athletic Edge Nutrition produce an international version of PreSurge

Athletic Edge Nutrition’s reformulated pre-workout PreSurge, landed earlier in the year when the company launched their colorful rebranding. Since then the energizer has managed to spread itself out across retailers, some local and some outside the U.S. Which for those international fans, it is worth mentioning that certain local formulas are not the same as the original American one. Fortunately unlike some pre-workouts and on most occasions fat burners, AEN’s PreSurge has not been torn down to the bare minimum. As there is in fact only one ingredient difference between the U.S. and internationally friendly edition, and that is as always the loss of rauwolfia (alpha yohimbine). While the roll the feature plays may be a bit more important than some of the other ingredients, Athletic Edge did fill the empty space with the branded Neuravena (green oak extract). If you’re wondering whether or not you’ve been using the edited PreSurge, the yohimbineless formula has been spotted in the UK, Europe, and Australasia. But to confirm just check your facts panel for the inclusion of Neuravena.

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