Muscletest Review: American Metabolix delivers with its muscle builder

Muscletest Review

We started posting on American Muscle a few months ago now, back when they were just the attractive well presented brand. It only took us about one look at their website and products to realize they are more than just a pretty face. Over the months we have been covering them, we have been lucky enough to try a number of their formulas, of which all turned out as expected.

That being said there was one American Muscle supplement that we wanted to try right from the get go. Not only because it is a testosterone booster, but because it carries a strong hit of muscle building ingredients that we figured would be worth devoting a month or so to. As it turns out we were right in assuming American Muscle’s Muscletest would give results, so much so that we extended its test period to a full two months to bring you today’s experience review of the testosterone product.

Strength increases

First up we’re going to talk about lifting results on Muscletest. As with most test boosters the supplement’s effects don’t really kick in until the second or third week, in which we saw across the board increases in strength. It would have been written off if it were one person getting the results, but with all reviewers showing what appeared to be immediate leaps and bounds, it is something we believe you can almost count on from the booster. Some examples include an actual 20lb jump on bench, 10lb increase in curls, with almost no exercise left unimproved.

This sort of effect isn’t something we haven’t seen before, however it is on level we haven’t seen before. Slight weight increases are expected, but the percentages we saw along with the comfort in performance, was as if the previous weeks were months ago. To top it off there was no additional weight gained to go with the power enhancements, or at least at the time the strength gains were made.

Up your lifting game

The second area where American Muscle’s testosterone booster delivers is one that we have seen other products excel in, the intensity and drive department. While Muscletest didn’t perform on the same level as it did strength, its ability in the area definitely matches if not marginally surpasses the best in the category. For those who have not experienced it before it may be a difficult thing to understand, but essentially the supplement drastically increases your desire to workout.

With that enhanced drive you will find yourself raising your weights, pumping out a few extra reps, and leaving the gym a half hour later, all due to the above average mindset Muscletest boosts you to. The best way to describe the feeling and mood it elevates your regular focus level to is like after watching an inspirational movie, or psyching yourself up for a contest or race. Except it is an everyday thing, like a mode that automatically switches on as soon as workout time is near. Your mind and body just shifts into this state that knows what needs to be done and gets it done.

Ignite growth

The third result we’re going to talk about for the American Muscle test booster is actual size increase. Which if you add the first two effects we covered above together. It’s pretty obvious that your body will gain muscle. The additional power mixed with the level of intensity some pre-workouts would have trouble touching. Resulted for us in some athletes getting heavier with minor changes to measurements, and others heavier with significant changes to measurements. The weight results ranged from a 10lb gain for a 220lb athlete, to a 5lb increase for a 190lb hard gainer. With growth examples ranging from an inch on arms to an inch on legs.

It is worth noting that these results were acquired by people on off season and maintenance diets after a two month cycle of Muscletest. Making it incredibly easy to see positive inconsistencies in weight and strength for off seasoners, and unusual changes for maintainers who are used to holding a certain weight with performance not being that important. In both scenarios it was very clear that Muscletest works.

Incredible recovery

One of the more exciting effects that some muscle builders bring is recovery. To a certain extent Muscletest does deliver an amount of repair to the body, however it isn’t on a level beyond the best. Muscle soreness is still a factor, and waking up after a hard session is as hard as always. But in a strange and mischievous way, the booster manages to carry its recovery and revitalization right through the night, then all through the day. Magically having you prepped and ready to go come workout time.

ome days you may find yourself waking up tired and sore, which on the American Muscle testosterone booster disappears as the day progresses. You may think that is a normal thing, and that it is. Although when using Muscletest that type of daytime recovery is significantly better.

Results in the bedroom

Before we give you a summary of what is easily the best test booster we have seen in about a year. There is a fifth area we are going to touch on and that is libido. Unlike other products in the category, American Muscle’s Muscletest manages to bring that signature drive for the gym and working out, into the bedroom. While it was a bit difficult to measure increases in performance in this area compared to lifting weights and additional reps. Your endurance record is likely to be raised, not to mention heightened pleasure. As a bonus, in the past we have seen consistent cases of morning wood, or even afternoon wood, of which you will not see any of in American Muscle’s sensational supplement.

Muscletest review summary

After seeing so many fat burners, pre-workouts, and protein powders released this year, we were beginning to think companies had forgotten about the testosterone category. Thanks to American Muscle we now have a product that sees the muscle building department take that evolutionary step it needed, by bringing results on a level above and beyond our previous number one testosterone formula.

As for getting your hands on the extremely impressive Muscletest, we do give away four American Muscle supplements every Monday with our American Muscle Monday promotion. Hopefully we can convince the brand to do a round with the muscle builder, or maybe a discount code for direct purchase. Either way Muscletest is unlike anything we’ve ever had come through here, and we can only hope we communicated just how effective this product is in our review here today.

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