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Three more flavors for Cor Performance Whey, Cellucor’s GNC exclusive trio set for pre-Xmas

Cellucor confirm three more GNC exclusive flavors for Cor Whey

If you missed the news the other day Cellucor confirmed two new flavors for their 2013 breakout supplement, the Cor Performance Series protein powder Cor Whey. The two tastes were fetti cake batter, selected by the brand’s own Jen Jewell, and red velvet cake batter, selected by Craig Capurso. While the unique variants are expected to land in a little over three weeks. Cellucor have also announced three more options set to exclusively hit GNC before the end of the year. Those three we can now confirm as chocolate chip cookie dough, white chocolate mocha, and another one chosen by one of the brand’s athletes, Karina Baymiller and s’mores. At the moment Cor Whey is only available in the six flavors it launched with, however the new options are set to almost double Cellucor’s hit formula, before the year is out. Looking to end 2013 with a taste total of 11, and a menu more unique than any other product out there.

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