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GAT athlete producing his own clothing line, introducing Dennis James’ Menace collection

German American Technologies Dennis James Menace clothing line

Bodybuilding trainer and legendary IFBB Pro Dennis James, who recently signed on to the roster of German American Technologies. Has a lot more going on in the world of business than just his partnership with a supplement company. By that we don’t mean his deals and workings with publications, but his own official online store. Like Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, and numerous others, James has a self branded line of clothing using his iconic nickname The Menace, that he sells direct. The GAT athlete’s collection consists of four items, a FlexFit hat available in three colors, a men’s tank in four, men’s tee in five, and a women’s tank in four. With two more colors on the way for the girl’s looking to make it six. If you would like to check out Dennis James’ clothing range for yourself visit his official website. Which also conveniently offers international shipping for an additional $7.

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