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Full body picture of the upcoming Box uploaded, Fitmark pressured after Six Pack’s big weekend

Fitmark upload a preview of one of their upcoming bags the Box

We’ve seen sketches, previews, parts, and now a full blown image of Fitmark’s first ever meal management bag, the Box. Over the past few weeks we have made a few guesses as to what the upcoming Box would look like. However with a complete body picture of the product now in hand, we can confirm that Fitmark’s nutritional effort isn’t that close to any of Six Pack’s items, like we had originally hoped. While from a far the two flagship bags (Innovator & Rush Igniter) do appear to be quite similar, the newer brand’s innovation seems to set itself a part with it’s main meal entry on the top, two more storage compartments below, slightly brighter colors all over, and curvier pockets. Unfortunately even though today’s image has to be one of the largest and most revealing of them all, no launch date has been confirmed for Fitmark’s Box, or any of their other bags for that matter.

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