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Gaspari preview their latest supplement, March launched Superdrive followed by Carnipure

Gaspari Nutrition's latest supplement flavored carnitine Carnipure

After the launch of their pre-workout supplement Superdrive, Gaspari Nutrition have been rather quiet. They did mention a few months back that they were mixing up some sort of supplement. However up until now nothing more has been said in regards to any new product. We say up until now, as today we would like to introduce to you Gaspari’s latest innovation, Carnipure. While we can not confirm whether or not this is the formula the brand were referring to back in June, when they revealed the conjuring of a new supplement. We can tell you that Carnipure is as obvious as it’s title, being a flavored carnitine product. There hasn’t been enough information released just yet, to determine if Gaspari Nutrition have gone individual with the title relevant Carnipure (carnitine tartrate). Or made it a bit more exciting with multiple forms of the ingredient. Either way it is a nice change of pace to see the brand go the way of the powder, as opposed to a more common type of carnitine formula like premixed or capsule.

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