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Fanatyx patience for Evol about to be rewarded, Genomyx upload their pre-workout’s facts panel

Genomyx reveal the facts panel for their new pre-workout Evol

After a number of months hinting and alluding, then even more months previewing and teasing. Genomyx look like they are finally ready to launch their pre-workout supplement Evol. The brand have built a fair bit of hype for the product, but it is now time for the energizer to do the talking. While it doesn’t appear that any stockist has the supplement ready to ship, there are a handful listing it as coming soon. To help add to the anticipation, and hopefully pull in more interest outside of the company’s loyal Fanatyx. Genomyx have unveiled the facts panel for Evol detailing a small, but classic panel of ingredients. Making the pre-workout product are six features, all rolled in to a dose hidden 4.4g proprietary blend. Most of the energy complex’s components you would have heard of or seen before, with highlights such as CarnoSyn beta-alanine and Agmapure agmatine Sulfate. If you would like to know what the remaining ingredients are. Check out the official facts panel of Genomyx’s new Evol below, and look forward to seeing the supplement launching in fruit punch sometime soon.

Genomyx Evol facts panel
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