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Jack3d Advanced goes yohimbe free, USP Labs produce an internationally friendly formula

USP Labs produce a yohimbe free version of Jack3d Advanced

The latest pre-workout supplement from USP Labs is Jack3d Advanced. A product launched a while ago as the real replacement for the original hard hitting concentrate, and an entirely different experience to that of Jack3d Micro. Mixed in to the contents of the Advanced Formula are a number of ingredients, one of which actually stops the supplement from hitting a number of areas around the world. That one feature is of course the loved and hated yohimbe, that does appear to have been removed for an internationally friendly edition. For those in the regions where the ingredient is not overly appreciated, and are wondering what the difference between the regular and international Jack3d Advanced is. USP have simply replaced yohimbe with aegeline, a feature fans will find in all of the brand’s OxyElite Pro variants, Super Thermogenic, flavored, and purple top. If you’re stuck trying to figure out whether or not you have the yohimbe free Jack3d Advanced. Just roll the product over, look for aegeline on the facts panel, or the alternate proprietary blend weight of 3,625mg, instead of 3,580mg.

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