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Protein & Oats gets an anniversary present, Met-Rx go from cocoa and vanilla to blueberry

Met-Rx produce a fourth flavor for their supplement Protein & Oats

At just over a year old Met-Rx have given their unique and convenient supplement Protein & Oats an update for 2013. The product was previously only available in one tub size of 2lbs packing 16 servings, with two flavors cocoa and vanilla cinnamon. To celebrate it’s one year anniversary the brand have decided to leave the supplement’s volume option alone, and add to it’s menu with a third taste. Joining both cocoa and vanilla is a fruity variant, blueberry. Not only is the latest flavor very different from the current two, but it is the only one on Protein & Oats list that is soy free. Something else that separates the blueberry option from the product’s other tastes are a few of it’s facts with 210 calories instead of 200, and 5g (2.5g saturated) of fat as opposed to 4g. If Met-Rx’s new blueberry Protein & Oats is something you would like to get your hands on. The flavor is currently only available at, with an exclusive status and a price tag of just under $24.

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