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Another Athlete Competitive formula revealed, MRI’s upcoming CarnoSyn product Beta Charge

Formula behind MRI's new Athlete Competitive Series Beta Charge

Last week we confirmed the contents and intentions behind three of MRI Performance’s new Athlete Competitive Series supplements. Today we have a fourth formula to show off, the CarnoSyn beta alanine driven product, Beta Charge. According to the brand the supplement has been designed to “delay muscle fatigue and help reduce muscle soreness“. While those are claims we have all seen before in a number of individual beta alanine formulas. To help deliver the results promised or possibly produce results beyond a level users are expecting. MRI have made Charge more than your average beta alanine product by also including a 1.3g leucine heavy dose of BCAAs. As for flavors of Beta Charge MRI are set to launch the product with four 15 serving options, fruit punch, peach mango, orange, and grape. There has still yet to be a release date set for Charge, as well as any of the Athlete Competitive supplements. However we have got the facts panel for today’s formula of topic below, going over the product’s nakedly dosed ingredients.

MRI Performance Athlete Competitive Beta Charge facts panel
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