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Nighttime supplement Recover & Repair, MRI reveal another Athlete Competitive formula

MRI reveal the formula behind their sleep aid Recover & Repair

Yesterday MRI Performance were kind enough to pass on the formula behind the vitamin supplement from their new Athlete Competitive Series, Athlete Multi Tri-System. Today we have got another product from the line to put in the spotlight, the recovery complex Recover & Repair. Just as it’s title describes the supplement has been designed to help your body recover and repair. Although unlike most recovery formulas R&R is a nighttime use product, intending to do all of it’s work while you sleep. To ensure it delivers it’s desired effect MRI have packed the product with a 1.5mg dose of melatonin. As well as a 500mg eight piece proprietary blend, featuring highlights such as carnitine, valerian root, and glutamine. All the contents have been squeezed into a single softgel, which is the recommended daily dose expected to be taken 15 to 30 minutes before bed. Recover & Repair is set to launch alongside the other Athlete Competitive Series supplements sometime soon. But until then, we will leave you with the official facts panel of the MRI Performance formula below.

MRI Performance Recover & Repair facts panel
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