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Hybrid N.O. disappearing from stockists all over, Muscle Pharm looking to upgrade to Iron Pump

Muscle Pharm looking to replace Hybrid N.O. with Iron Pump

The latest news on Muscle Pharm follows an announcement from the other day with the discontinuation of Bullet Proof, in favor of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Dream. Today we are going to bring up a similar case with the brand’s pump supplement Hybrid N.O. as the product of topic. Earlier in the year it appeared that the original capsule form of the supplement was at risk of being cut, with it disappearing from Muscle Pharm’s website and several online stores. A few months later we are now seeing the same thing happen with the powdered edition of Hybrid. As it has also been removed from the company’s site, and missing a flavor or two in a number of stockists. To top it off it just so happens that like Bullet and it’s replacement Iron Dream, there is an equivalent Arnold formula available as previously discussed in Iron Pump. Unfortunately we have not been able to confirm Hybrid N.O’s fate, however with all the facts the termination of the supplement does seem likely.

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