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Hydrowhey gets another flavor for it’s 1.75lb, Optimum giving back to their popular products

Optimum Nutrition produce chocolate mint for Hydrowhey

Following on from yesterday’s announcement of Optimum Nutrition introducing lemon lime to their iconic formula, Essential AmiN.O. Energy. The brand are back once again with an update to another one of their popular supplements, the Platinum product Hydrowhey. The advanced hydrolyzed whey protein formula, originally only available in two sizes, and two flavors. Today can currently be purchased from most stockists in three sizes, 1, 1.75, and 3.5lbs. With five flavors, turbo chocolate, velocity vanilla, cookies & cream overdrive, chocolate peanut butter, and supercharged strawberry. Although if you include Optimum’s latest update to Hydrowhey, the protein powder goes from five tastes to six, introducing new chocolate mint. Just like the chocolate peanut variant, the addition is a size exclusive option only being available in the 1.75lb, 20 serving container. For those fans looking to get a hold of the new Hydrowhey flavor, it is currently listed at as an exclusive. However it has not been confirmed as to whether or not that is a short term thing.

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