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Beta-Cret 2.0 proprietary 40% Pump Extrem, Promera line up 2 for the pre-workout category

Promera Sports release the formula for their new Beta-Cret 2.0

One of the many supplements Promera Sports confirmed with their recent spree of releases was Beta-Cret 2.0. Unlike Gluta Blast, a product we thought might actually replace the brand’s other recovery formula, 2.0 is going to take over the original Beta-Cret. This is more than clear with the removal of the first edition from Promera’s website, and the out of stock flag at most stockists. The last time we mentioned the supplement we unfortunately only had a handful of details we took from Beta-Cret 2.0’s bottle. Today however we have the official facts panel of the pre-workout that gives us all the remaining pieces of information. It also shows us something we were hoping would not be the case, and that is the product’s similarities to Pump Extrem. While you can see 2.0’s full contents listing below, and compare it to the brand’s other pre-workout we posted about earlier in the week. It’s difficult to understand why Promera Sports produced two formulas intended for the same supplement window, with Beta-Cret 2.0 featuring four ingredients from Extrem. Instead of putting together completely separate products, like the stackable duos you see from companies like Pro Supps or Lecheek Nutrition. Our thoughts aside read on to see 2.0’s facts panel.

Promera Sports Beta-Cret 2.0 facts panel
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