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Introducing the individual ingredient specialists, SD Pharmaceuticals add another with BCAA

Introducing SD Pharmaceuticals the individual ingredient specialists

Today we would like to introduce you to SD Pharmaceuticals, and their simple line of supplements. Unlike most brands, SD do not produce pre-workouts, post-workouts, or any kind of complex formulas. Their product range consists of only individual ingredient supplements, which aren’t just your usual creatines and glutamines. But products solely driven by features like mucuna pruriens, synephrine, diindolylmethane, white kidney bean, and dendrobium. Each formula is nakedly dosed, showing that the brand have no shame in the doses their supplements have with items like Mucuna Pruriens 750 and Dendrobium 600, each carrying ingredient counts listed in their titles. SD Pharmaceuticals are also showing no signs of slowing down with another new formula just announced in BCAA. The latest innovation to come from the brand combines a 3.33g 9:6:5 ratio of BCAAs, and is set to be available in two flavors, blue raspberry and pineapple. If you have yet to come across SD, you will sooner or later as the line is currently being distributed throughout the US by Lone Star, stocked by, with international distribution well on it’s way.

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